Referral Processes

Children Ages 0-3

If you believe your child has a developmental delay you do not have to wait for a physician’s referral for services. Every child in Kentucky from the ages 0-3 with developmental delays is eligible for early intervention services through First Steps.

Northern Kentucky First Steps Point of Entry: 4900 Houston Road, Florence, KY 41042. / (859) 655-1198 or toll free at 888-300-8866.

A phone survey will determine where your child is with their developmental milestones and may lead to a home visit from a First Steps staff person for a more extensive evaluation. Based on your child’s diagnosis, you may be assigned a case manager and therapists as needed. Therapy sessions are held in your home and are available at multiple days/times depending on your child’s needs. The cost for these services is very low and is determined on a sliding scale based on your income level.

School-Aged Children

School-aged children are served by the public school system for their needs during the school year. Several links to websites may be found in Resources for Caregivers. Please call Tom Lanois, Adult Services Director, at (859) 344-9322, ext. 13 for information about our referral process.


Supported Employment:

Adults who would like to participate in the Supported Employment program should contact the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) at (859) 371-9450. He/she will request assistance with finding employment and a connection with a counselor closest to the individual’s home. The counselor then meets with the individual and family/caregiver to gather information and necessary evaluations to determine eligibility. If determined eligible, the individual and their counselor would select the program to assist in the process of finding employment. If New Perceptions is selected, OVR will send a referral packet to the Supported Employment program.

Note: Some individuals who participate in the Work Center program may access the Supported Employment program through their Plan of Care. Individuals will be evaluated for community work through New Perceptions’ Work Center program and referred to OVR when this becomes an outcome for the Individual Plan of Care.

There is no cost to the individual or their family/caregiver for this service.

Work Center:

If an individual has been in school and is within two years of graduating, the “High School Transition Panel” (which includes New Perceptions, BAWAC, NorthKey, Redwood, The Point, Tri-Generations, Vocational Rehabilitation) should visit the school. Families are encouraged to attend a session. The Special Education teacher should have information to share about the Panel. If the teacher does not have the information, contact may be made to Tom Lanois, Adult Services Director at (859) 344-9322, ext. 13.

For individuals beyond school-age, a case manager will assist the individual and family/caregiver in the process to explore options and is recommended to assist with documents for enrollment. Contact NorthKey’s access line at (859) 331-3292 for an appointment and to request assistance. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list for all adult day services in Northern Kentucky. The wait can be months to years, depending on the level of support required to safely provide services at each location. There is no cost to the individual or family/caregiver for these services.