New Perceptions Board of Trustees.  Pictured L-R, Shawn Carroll, Executive Director, 
Melissa Lueke, Kent Dailey, Adrienne Stroupe, Cathy Stavros, Brad Arthur (Board Chair),
Stephanie Stitt and Mike Dickey.  Not pictured:  Jamie Burns, Desma Borland, Mark
Exterkamp, Matt Finke, and Paul Neiser

Executive Staff

Shawn Carroll, Executive Director
[email protected]
Phone ext. 12

Ann Miller, Children Services Coordinator
[email protected]
Phone ext. 46
Children Services Assistant: Carrie Fiore, Phone ext. 31

Thomas Lanois, Adult Services Director
[email protected]
Phone ext. 13

Meaghan Pfetzer, Finance Director
[email protected]
Phone ext. 18
Finance Assistant: Martha Stenson, Phone ext. 55