Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are offered to children under the age of three in their homes through New Perceptions’ Home-based Early Intervention Program, a United Way-funded program. Referrals are received through Kentucky’s First Steps program (click here for more information).

• Physical Therapy helps coordinate and strengthen large muscle groups (for example, walking, running, riding a bike, throwing a ball).
• Occupational Therapy helps small muscle movement (for example, writing, using scissors), sensory integration (sensitivity to touch, sound, light, food), and eating disorders.
• Speech Therapy helps develop early language skills and eating disorders.

Emphasis is placed on teaching parents/caregivers the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate their child’s growth and development with activities occurring during the child’s daily routine.


For more information about the therapy program, please contact Ann Miller, Children Services Coordinator at (859) 344-9322 ext. 46 / [email protected].